Bespoke cyber security

We provide 24/7 services across six continents, monitoring more than five million devices.

Snode Technologies

Snode Technologies is an award-winning cyber security firm focused on protecting companies around the world from emerging cyberattacks. We pride ourselves on our ethos of client-centricity, fostering partnerships which are underpinned by excellence and innovation. We tackle challenges through core skills, leading-edge technology and purpose-built cyber security solutions; executed through persistent engagement, tracking adversaries and taking offensive action.

Snode has over 140 global points of presence, protecting large industrial, agricultural, financial, communication and state infrastructure.

Our solutions
The Guardian platform provides your organisation with a single pane of glass by seamlessly consolidating key disparate data at scale. Our machine-assisted analytics accurately detects threats while our automated response systems proactively protects your organisation.
Led by a specialised team of cyber defence professionals and supported by our purpose-built technology, we have the expertise to assist you to solidify your cyber security capabilities. Our approach provides an end-to-end solution to meet the unique needs of your organisation.
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