Our Managed Detection and Response offering includes access to a team of professionally trained security analysts and engineers based within our in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC). These analysts monitor your environment round the clock and provide rapid notification of any potential threats or suspicious activity taking place within your environment.

Security assurance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
When threats are identified, our team will notify you immediately together with the necessary rapid response action required to effectively contain such incidents.
Detection and
response objectives
Passively monitor network communications for emerging cyber threats, sensitive data disclosure and critical system vulnerabilities.
Qualify and quantify cyber security alerts through data-driven and risk-based classifications.
Provide detailed insight into your network activity, enabling proactive incident response.
Aligned to an ISO270350-certified incident response plan with industry approved incident handling processes* and tailored to your environment. This also serves as an SLA between the client and the threat hunters.
Our incident response performance metrics
Agreed time for threat hunters to detect anomalies and security incidents within the monitored environments.
Agreed time for the client’s first responders (1FR) to events. This will trigger internal escalation workflows if lapsed.
Agreed time for the client’s 1FR and Snode analysts to contain a cyber security incident.
Incident severity matrix
Incident classification based on the impact, urgency and likelihood of occurrence. This matrix is aligned to the client’s internal risk appetite.
Cyber security incidents
response team
Snode’s senior cyber defence specialists can serve as part of the CSIRT (Cyber Security Incident Response Team) to align war-room activities and effectively treat cyber security incidents.