Guardian not only protects the devices you own, but also protects against those you don't, enabling you to establish a robust security posture that minimises the risks faced by the ever-changing technology landscape.

The Snode Guardian cyber security platform provides you with valuable insights on cyber security risks or threats which may be prevalent in your environment.

The objectives of our service include the following:

Qualify and quantify cyber security risks identified on the selected networked systems through data-driven and risk-based remediation.
Demonstrate that the Guardian platform provides detailed insight into client’s network activity and allows for proactive incident response.
Our core pillars
Data visualisation

Visualisation is a crucial element that allows you to easily view and manage the massive volumes of data created each day.

It allows the analyst to:

  • Have a complete and concise overview of all activity in real-time.
  • Interact with the data at any level.
  • Identify anomalous behaviour that would previously have been impossible to identify.
Data fusion

Regardless of the source of format of the data, Snode handles it all by simplifying it down to one common denominator: numbers.

These numbers can then be processed on a petabyte scale allowing for real-time detection and response.

Predictive analytics

The use of tailored mathematical algorithms to recognise patterns of behaviour allows Guardian to predict potential risk exposure, activity and notable incidents.

Predictive analytics empowers our clients to:

  • Become more proactive in their decision-making process.
  • Anticipate potential outcomes.
The Guardian cyber security platform
A “single source of truth” by seamlessly integrating into your key data sources
A consolidated, interactive dashboard
Real-time contextual alerting that enables an analyst to proactively respond to all threats in your network.