Snode Mirage allow customers to implement an effective deception strategy. Mirage instances mimic the behaviour of critical assets within the network.

An effective deception strategy greatly enhances a business' security posture, as it allows us to effectively manage the internal and external threat surface in a dynamic fashion. By combining a SOAR technology with integration into preventative controls with early warning indicators of Snode Mirage, public facing assets can be protected in real-time against current threats. The advantage of utilising a dynamic control plane is that we are preventing threat actors from gathering key information early in the cyber kill chain, without which they are unable to launch an attack on the enterprise.

Snode Mirage further extends into the threat intelligence category, by allowing a business to capture current attacks against them, analysing the attacks and mapping between known key users on the network. Snode Mirage is able to alert a business on whether attacks are random and opportunistic, or whether they are targeted specifically to their environment. By analysing an attack and gaining key insights into the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures an attacker utilises, an attack can be mapped back to a specific threat actor and allows the defence team to to enhance and prioritise preventative controls against the specific threat actor.


Exposure Management

Early Warning System

Threat Intelligence