In an ever-changing digital landscape with a rise in sophisticated cyberattacks, advanced attackers traverse your network at speed, vastly increasing their potential impact as time passes.

Snode Panthera disables attacks and defends vulnerable systems through its real-time, automated response system. This novel approach augments your cyber security team and defends targeted vulnerable systems from persistent attackers.

Much like an airborne fighter would deploy an intense flare to attract and destroy an enemy heat-seeking missile, Snode Panthera achieves the same by automatically deploying a defensive countermeasure in real time. This precision digital defensive acts without data decryption, network interception, business interruption or human intervention.

How it works

When Snode Panthera detects a precursor to an attack, it will pre-emptively counter the attack and disable the attacker, preventing exploitation and system compromise. It does so by rapidly shielding vulnerable systems and simultaneously blocking the attacker without intercepting or interrupting business communications.


Real-time, 24/7 automated threat detection and response without any human intervention.

Defence against potentially compromised third-party networks, cloud-based platforms and devices.

Protection for vulnerable unpatched, misconfigured or unsupported operating systems and firmware.

Automatically reducing MTTR (Mean Time To Respond) and ADT (Attacker Dwell Time) by containing threats in real time.